Alexia Pedal

Born in Lima,  Alexia is a multidisciplinary artist working between Germany and Peru. She has shown her work in Peru, Ecuador, Brasil, USA, Germany and India. Her body of work oscillates through time between stone & textile or video & performance. The stone series exhibition Creatures  (2014) was her third solo project shown in Peru after Artesania Conceptual  (2012) and Hara* (2010).

The early contact with human vestiges and techniques like weaving and embroidering are  source of her characteristic kitsch aesthetic. She is interested in a holistic approach to art and investigates about the traditional thread bonding therapeutic methods with visual elements around the creative process. Through her work  she wants to uncover the symbolic language flowing in subconscious spaces.

Her practice focuses in the ritual process of crafting. The latest project “Soft Gardens: Landscaping contemporary semiotics in woven textiles” (2017), focused in the study of textile as an archetypical language. She is currently working on the recovery of traditional techniques while researching about the connection between technology & language: writing through weaving in the digital era.