Internal Memory


Art practice is spiritual activism.

I like to highlight the role of creativity in the health and wellbeing of an individual and functioning societies.

Calligraphic Symbolism is a group of automatic drawings,  source for further Folk design Studies.

The forecasts on the future of writing as again a competence of a small elite makes me wonder what would happen to our creativity, when writing, drawing and threading is widely suspended? What will happen if we stop using symbolic language. Will this source or symbolic storage space of the psyche dissapear? What are we evolving towards? Are our instincts going to be supressed? Is the lack of tools for communication and spaces for texteelity going to degenerate in less sensitive human individuals? There is already a Unicode for computer programming but is that language enough for human communication? What will happen to our experience of space? Are we loosing our “vestibular” textile sensibility by using less analogue threading methods for communication? Is touch technology limiting our social capacities? Communication through screens is hard, cold, empty; it doesn’t include a holistic experience of the body and its environment. Will we forget or will we  long for touch?

Mindful Brainstorms and interdisciplinary research is constantly being updated in a virtual platform created in 2010  >>>>Texteelity!<<<<<