Awaken your Textile Sensibility

During crafting, time is symbolically trapped between our threads&fiber; it is in this space where the mind is bonded to the hand through continuous concentration.  Left brain activity drops and the psyche manifests through symbolic language. Textile material amplifies the cognitive experience because the thread literally creates sensible paths where conceptual logic spreads. Any technique that involves the use of yarn for constructing or embellishing a surface creates limbic connections and awakens our textile sensibility or Texteelity.

Science behind threaded handcrafted techniques is a refined approach of the generally therapeutic understanding of art and pursues a detailed analysis of nervous pathways. To promote Texteelity is a holistic focus to the aspect of making and experiencing textile. Thread, fingers and mind interact; connections are made and this boosts general awareness.To experience texture and the quality of materials by the sense of touch obliges us to use our skin as an organ, as a whole surface and this awakens nervous paths. We are humans and are made out of tissue ourselves. To be involved with textiles is to feel the joint fibers of our own materiality. Serene, focused attention permeates the surface in the making and the textiles are enhanced this way.

Handcraft techniques are directly bonded to a cognitive process. As described by western and holistic medicine, nerve paths run from the brain to the neck through vertebral foramina towards arms and hands: that is why fingers are responsible to activate large areas in the brain. In her book “Mudras”, Gertrud Hirschi explains how hands have a direct relationship to the extension of the lungs and Heart functioning.  For example, little flexibility in the fingers shows tension in the heart and can anticipate diseases like osteoporosis. Crooked fingers impede inhalation because an optimum amount of air is not drawn into the lungs, especially to the lung borders and this promotes contamination in those areas. Spreading ten fingers creates a reflex that causes the thoracic vertebras to spread out and the Heart to open. This increases the Tidal volume of the lung tissue and has a very positive effect in the efficiency of most systems of the human Organism.