Nicolás Tarnawiecki Chávez

Abril 2014

«Nothing is still; everything moves; everything vibrates.»   The Kybalión.

Sculpture Art, generally speaking, makes us analyze the place it takes in a room. In this case its relevant to go back to the materials place of origin to reach its deeper meaning and address the creative process of transmutation. 

Heidegger, in Art and Space, describes three perspectives about space: space as the present body of a mass object; the negative space surrounding it and the space in a room between the masses. In this particular case, what is relevant is the space where they come from. These stone Creatures have a mineral origin in the mountain that breath through its cracks, where the stone vibrates with the universe.

On the linguistic side, words, what we say about a certain piece does nothing to it: speech does not scrap, break, cut or polish; doesn't carve or sculpt. In the best case, words transform when they describe while the sculpture stand in silence.

This series of work bring out the subject of vibration as a gear of existence. Taking away but also listening to the matter uncovers the shape. The artist reveals the prior essence of this shapes, sleeping in the mountain, awaken on her hands.

Creaturas in the artist workshop