Barbara Petzold Horna
Lima, mayo 2010

Hara is a state of the inversion of the senses. From the sanskrit pratyahara  to look inside.
Alexia Pedal founds HARA as an automatic reaction to survive in an emergent and polluted city. The autobiographic process of protection and expression is portrayed in tools of textile and performance. Thread materializes the process of introspection, embroidery represents a gear between time and space and needles look in and out for mementos; it is a pursue of commitment with oneness.
The artist is above all a technician that encounters and appropriates tradition, investigates in the use of materials and its process. Primal substances used as blood, sand, shells, thread and feathers are impregnated of local and intimate DNA.
Through the ritual the subject and the senses are visible in a dialectic act of consumerism. Hara stimulates the spectator through experience, with the intention that it will be physically digested; revealing her own imagery and her original relation with the world.